Hillerbräu is a Craft Beer Brewery  in the heart of Colombia that rescues masterful flavors from recipes created
by Brewmasters from the old German town of Habelschwerdt, in the ancient region of Bohemia.
"Braumeister" Georg Hiller left his remarkable legacy to HILLERBRAU, transforming family brewing knowledge from many generations
with the highest technology to achieve flavors that provide unique, exciting and moving EXPERIENCES to the palate.









The first documentation of the brewing tradition of the "Hiller" family is found, in the same period of the discovery of America, with the religious "Konrad Hiller sacerdos et monachus", Benedictine monk of the Augsburg Abbey in Bavaria Germany, during the years 1492 – 1504; cloister famous for making alcoholic beverages, including beer and herbal distillates; from there, with his knowledge, he traveled to establish himself in other abbeys in the region.

Family legend (transmitted by oral tradition) says that "Konrad Hiller", over the years, abandoned his monastic life and settled in southern Germany on the border of Silesia, a region of ancient Bohemia, famous for its blonde beer. Produced exclusively in winter.





In the southern regions  of Germany, many descendants of the Hiller family contributed to the development of the brewing craft. 

Various entries from Hiller ancestors appear in the Bavarian region, Ritter und Hiller from Bayreuth from 1840 is mentioned as Brewmaster, who settled in the Görlitz region, in Lower Silesia.




At the end of the 19th century, Georg Johann Hiller, great-grandfather of the current “Hiller” brewing generation, worked in the local brewery in the town of Havelschwerdt, near the Hirschberg (Deer Mountain). The Erwin Hiller Brewery was inaugurated in Geibsdorf, a nearby town, in 1849, but it was closed in 1902. Likewise, the Hiller brewery existed until 1956, founded in 1902 in the city of Calw, a city to which we pay homage with one of our beers) owned by Karl Hiller, a direct descendant of our old family. Other Hiller family breweries existed in the south of present-day Germany until 1989.

In 1903 the Braumeister Georg Hiller Beck, grandfather of the current generation, was born in Havelschwerdt, who studied the art and science of brewing in the city of Bremen; initially at the Haacke-Beck brewery, and then at the Pschorr brewery in Munich. In 1933 he arrived in Colombia as a brewmaster and water specialist in Barranquilla, bringing original Bohemian recipes such as Pilzen Lager, Urquell and German Lager. Then he started working at the Águila brewery and later as a water expert for various cities. Later he moved to Ecuador where he worked with the National Brewery for several years, where he died at the age of 53.



The “Hiller Brauer” family are enthusiasts and entrepreneurs around the brewing industry. One of them, the engineer Heinz Hiller Brauer, provided support and enthusiasm to his son, Doctor Heinz Georg Hiller to continue in our days with "The Brewers Legacy" and founded "HILLERBRÄU S.A.S" thus perpetuating this brewing LINEAGE.

"HILLERBRÄU S.A.S" has taken ancestral recipes, adapted to technological changes, to optimize the production process with the highest standards,
but without losing the original flavor characteristic of the Hiller Family.